Kwa-Zulu Natal otherwise known is KZN is based on the east coast of South Africa. Kwa-Zulu Natal is the birthplace notable figures such as Albert Luthuli, Harry Gwala, Anton Lembede and a few others. Kwa Zulu Natal is host to the Drakensberg mountains as well as many picturesque locations, Vasco da gama saw the coast of Natal on Christmas day in 1497, Natal is Portuguese for Christamas and that’s how the European “Natal” made its way into the name of the province.

Durban has grown substantially in passed years and this means that the technology needs are very high.This is where we are best suited as we are an all in one IT company aswell as an ISP to serve both needs.

Communication in KZN has become vitally important to the needs of the area, we provide Voice services for SME’s as well as enterprises that have a high usage need.

Our solutions are not only cost effective and affordable, but they have guaranteed voice quality and uptime, this allows us to keep your business in touch with both your customers and suppliers.

Designed to fit larger businesses like call centers, brokerage firms, retail offices etc., Enterprise VoIP adds more power and more security without complicating things. Enjoy simultaneous chats, file transferring, screen sharing all whilst having access to your calling features in one interface. Convenience. Delivered!

You can also add on a host of features from increased encryption, automated call handling, conference calling to privatized internal phone networks.