When you are looking for a company, you are looking for someone near me, with our on the ball IT and ISP services, we can be your remote person and it seems like we are near you, this means that proactively we can respond to your needs, rather than reactively to keep you ahead of the game. Why look for a company that is far away and only is available after you call them, rather get someone that looks after your business pro actively.

Near me(everywhere in 2019)  today has become a thriving metropolis for business and residences alike, with the distance from Durban City centre, Local outsourced IT has become a necessity for the upcoming businesses to keep ahead of the game, our local teams are on standby to assist you with your needs.

By outsourcing your IT services, you get access to a fast, reliable and qualified team who are dedicated to solving your IT needs. Did we mention it’s cost-effective? Yup, we offer affordable industry-leading expertise that doesn’t compromise of safety and skill. Tap into our network of trained ‘IT guys’ to give your business a digital boost and competitive edge.

Let us quote your home/business/school for an all inclusive outsourced IT SLA today.