When you are looking for a company, you are looking for someone near me, with our on the ball IT and ISP services, we can be your remote person and it seems like we are near you, this means that proactively we can respond to your needs, rather than reactively to keep you ahead of the game. Why look for a company that is far away and only is available after you call them, rather get someone that looks after your business pro actively.

Near me(where ever that may be) today has grown and has a big demand on the internet needs in the area, we have partnered with the best providers to provide a complete business internet solution for your business, we have guaranteed uptime SLA’s in place to keep your business connected to the world.

Fibre is to ADSL, what ADSL was to dial-up. The next step in evolution. If you like to check emails, casually go on social media and do online shopping every now and then, these are more suited for you. If you’re always online, have a growing business & family or simply love to be the first on the latest series, news and movies – Broadband Fibre is definitely the option for you. Imagine downloading an HD movie in under 30 minutes as opposed to almost a day on other lines? Imagine no more, check to see if your area is fibre-ready then strap in for a next-level internet experience.