Apple Macintosh

Designed for you
Mac is a product, which has been personally designed to fit the needs and wants of each and every individual owner. Its long, productive life was created by designers and engineers who spent hours ensuring that all details were complete to the T. Even a MagSafe power connecter that connects by magnets was thought of, so that if you trip over the power cord it can easily be disconnected from your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.
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Beauty and a Brain
The internal components of each finely fitted micron is enclosed by an aluminium body, leaving us with a beautifully polished product, which is thin and durable. These quality components and materials such as; storage technology, memory, a graphics processor and a specific power supply are all specifically chosen, giving Mac products a top-notch performance and with two 10-Gbps data channels; the Thunderbolt is featured in the new MacBook, iMac and Mac mini models. Its flexibility offers revolutionary expansion capabilities, which is 20 times faster than USB 2.0. As for the battery- it can be recharged up to 1000 times and still be good to go.
Apple also understands that neatness has much to do with beauty, so for the sake of keeping things tidy a wireless mouse and keyboard comes with every iMac.

Magic Touch
Every Mac notebook has a Multi-Touch trackpad and by learning all the tricks rotating images, magnifying documents and webpages, viewing your applications, scrolling, flipping through pages all becomes much more intuitive and direct.

Say Cheese
Keeping in contact with friends and family all over the world has become a need for everyone so Apple has installed a built-in FaceTime HD camera and mic into every iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Apple Thunderbold Display.
By downloading the FaceTime application you can make FaceTime video calls to all Apple products.

Lazy Eye
To suit the light you are sitting in, a light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. This is to relieve eyestrain, conserves power and enables you to type in low-light conditions as the sensor activates the backlit keyboard on MacBook Pro and Air.

It's a Wireless Hotspot
Just like everything else on a Mac is fast, efficient and easy, so is accessing the internet (thanks to 802.11n Wi-Fi). If you have previously connected to a network; your Mac will automatically log you back in. The same goes for Bluetooth- your Bluetooth wireless devices will connect to your Mac via its built-in Bluetooth Technology.

No matter which Mac you choose and no matter what you are doing on it, you will always get superior performance. Whether it be iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes and even 3D gaming, because every Mac is equipped with the latest technology- a speedy processor, spectacular graphics and a high-speed DDR3 memory, since Apple wants you to take complete advantage of this high-tech, OS X is custom-made.

By choice, Apple is constantly working towards a Mac that has little or no toxic substances. Already all Mac displays are mercury and arsenic free and the internal components are free of brominated flame retardants (BFR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). 

A Green Grave
Apple thrive on reducing our global economic footprint, therefore designers have made sure that Mac uses energy-efficient hardware components that reduce the amount of power wasted when your Mac is on charge. This makes every Mac meet the strict requirements set by the EPA's ENERGY STAR program. 
Last but not least; at the end of your Macs long life feel free to recycle it for free when you buy your new Mac. Recyclers find the materials used to make this product rather desirable.