Analytics for Joomla

Today, as with many others, we installed the Analytics for Joomla Plugin.

It has worked perfectly for every installation until now where we had a problem.

I Spoke to Martijn Van Vreeden from Analytics For Joomla( where he endeavoured to sort our problem out within a few hours.

To cut a long story short. For those who utilise Joomla for theirs or their clients sites, they need to use this product!!!

Customer service needs to be paramount to a company and i believe Martijn knows what true customer service is.

Thank you to Martijn and his team from Analytics for Joomla!!

Removed Features From Microsoft Office 2013

Removed from the entire suite
Microsoft Clip Organizer
Microsoft Office Picture Manager
Office 2007 and Office 2010 chart styles
Ability to insert a 3D Cone, Pyramid, or Cylinder Chart

Features removed from Microsoft Word
Custom XML Markup has been removed for legal reasons
Older WordArt objects are now converted to new WordArt objects

Features removed from Microsoft Access
Access Data Projects (ADP)
Support for Jet 3.x IISAM
Access OWC control
dBASE support suite

Features removed from Microsoft Outlook
Download Headers Only mode for IMAP
Outlook Exchange Classic offline
/Cleanfreebusy switch
Ability to import/Export to Applications
Notes and Journal customization
Outlook Activities tab
Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)
Outlook Search through Windows Shell

Features removed from Microsoft PowerPoint
Support for Visio Drawing